A Complete List of Potential Solutions for Seborrheic Dermatitis

First of all, I endorse NONE of these necessarily. I just want to round up every solution that is proposed all over this crazy Inernet, as well as from books, doctors, Sephora clerks, my little Mexican abuelita-in-law, etc. I will keep adding when I hear of new things. So add your own in the comments or email me! I plan on writing an extensive post on EACH of these, so soon this will be a page of links where you can see my report on each solution.

Apple Cider Vinegar, taken orally
Apple Cider Vinegar, applied to skin/scalp
Pyrithione Zinc- in soap or shampoo

Salicylic Acid – discussed here for scalp
Sulfer – in soap or shampoo
Black soap
Topical Steroid
Coconut Oil
Abstaining from washing
Anti fungal cream, like Lotrimin
Tea tree oil
Chlorine shower filter
Hydrocortisone cream

Sunlight (or lack of it?)

Milk of Magnesia on the skin
Castor oil
Raw honey
Jojoba oil
Pine Tar
Coal tar
Abreva (often preceded by alcohol)
Oil of Oregano
Anti-mite pillow and mattress covers

Alkaline diet
Food sensitivity testing

Folic acid
Fish oil


Let’s Talk About Our Crappy Skin, Shall We?

I’ve struggled with seborrheic dermatitis for about 17 to 18 years, but I’ve only knew that was the name to explain my skin/scalp issues for maybe five years.

Surprising, I have avoided being super pro-active in fighting the rashly beast. Usually I just wait until it is so bad, that I sob and cry and run to the drugstore or hippie store (that’s a thing, right?) to buy whatever said something along the lines of “extreme moisture” or “reduces redness.” I wanted a quick fix, which never works with sebhorreic dermatitis. I finally got a diagnosis and prescription when I was 25. That kinda helped for a few years. (Read her for my full skin story.)

A few weeks ago, I decided to finally take my case to Dr. Google. What took me so long, I’ll never know. I’m am an Internet junkie, feeding my addiction to information. But bother to look up the annoying, itchy, ugly rash on my face and scalp? Nahhh . . . I’m too busy trying to find pictures of Zooey Deschanel’s wedding pictures. (Good luck. They aren’t there.)

So when I finally jumped into research I didn’t come up for a Diet Coke break for days. I read about yeast and pores, apple cider vinegar and gluten free diets, doctors and naturopaths. Yes, there’s a lot of info, but very little of it is organized. You have the choice of the Wikipedia/WebMD basics or obscure forums where people talked about their skin horror stories. I searched “Seborrheic Dermatitis Blog” and a few great articles came up, but not a blog totally devoted to this disorder tha affects 5% of us!!!

We need a place to gather, share information and vent. I have found that every person with sebhorreic dermatitis has to discover their own way to heal it. There isn’t a one-size-fits-all cure. In fact, there’s no cure. So even if you find a good solution, it probably won’t work forever. We need to continually stay informed on ways to keep our skin healthy and flake-free.

That is why I’ve started this blog. Please comment with your best tips, biggest complaints and nagging questions. I plan on posting my journey, products and possible solutions, interviews with experts and more.