Konjac Sponge for Seborrheic Dermatitis

A while ago, I was shopping in the skincare section of a fancy-shmancy organic-feeling Santa Monica shop and noticed several different packages of something called a konjac sponge. A woman grabbed two for her basket and started raving to me about this wondrous cleaning tool.  Her skin looked gorgeous so I turned to Dr. Google for more info.

Apparently, the konjac sponge is made from a porous root vegetable in Korea.

konjac sponge root

Ew WHAT? I’m using that thing ^ on my FACE? 

Once they are transformed from weird root into sponge, they turn into a miracle worker for sensitive skin. With a soft, bouncy texture, it is much easier on your tender epidermis than a washcloth or (shudder) loofah. Dermatologists confirm that konjac sponges can clean your pores, offering a deep clean even when you have makeup, SPF and excess oil to deal with.

konjac sebhorrheic dermatitis

I ordered the charcoal konjac sponge ($10) because they may add an extra benefit for oily skin. When it showed up, it was HARD and crusty and I was afraid I was about to take a pumice stone to my delicate skin! But then you run it under water for a minute and it transforms into that soft, bouncy sponge I was promised.

My skin was left soft, glowy and CLEAN, without feeling at all dry. I used some mild cleanser with it and only needed a tiny drop for a rich lather. I honestly love it ALMOST as much as my Clarisonic. I alternate their uses and my skin has never looked better.

I replace my konjac every two to three months. I try to keep it bacteria-free by carefully squeezing out as much water after using and then hanging it up in my bathroom (but not shower). It dries fully before I use it again and then once again transforms into a soft sponge when wet.

Since the konjac sponge gently cleanses and exfoliates, I absolutely endorse it for your seborrheic dermatitis plagued skin.

***This is just my opinion. You may want to consult your doctor or dermatologist before choosing treatment for seborrheic dermatitis. The above link is an affiliate link, but my recommendation is 100% my authentic opinion. Thanks for your support!


6 Comments on “Konjac Sponge for Seborrheic Dermatitis”

  1. Peggy Ann says:

    I’m anxious to try it !


  2. Brianna says:

    Thank you for this! I just ordered one on ebay. I hope I have the same results!


  3. Jeann says:

    May I know where I can buy this? I think I really need this since I have big pores and also suffering from sebhorreic dermatitis Thank you so much!


  4. […] help prepare the skin. Now, if you over-irritate the skin it will end up red and oily. But try a konjac sponge, Clarisonic or a product with a very, very gentle scrubby quality. You can carefully pick off the […]


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