Best Face Masks for Seborrheic Dermatitis

If you have seborrheic dermatitis on your face, you might be a little skeptical about trying a face mask. Your skin is too sensitive for that, right? Not necessarily! What’s great about a mask, is that it really cleans out those pores. As discussed before, seborrheic dermatitis kinda makes you think you have dry skin, but really its a gross yeasty oily situation oozing form your pores and causing drama. Deep cleaning can help rid yourself of that scourge!

An esthetician even told me I could occasionally do a “course” of deep cleaning. Meaning, I could apply a mask every day for 5 – 7 days in a row. This will really clean those pores. You can do that twice a year. It can clear up acne or seborrheic dermatitis.

Here some that I have personally USED, ranked favorite to least favorite:


Aztec Secret Indian Healing Clay: This is the Internet’s favorite mask. And I have to say that I AGREE!!! It give you a deeeeeep pore cleaning and yet somehow it is actually does not irritate me. It words amazing on seborrheic dermatitis spots or acne zones. Its is a powder, basically dirt! You have to mix it with water or toner (I like Neutragena Acne Stress Control Toner). Do not use apple cider vinegar with it, as many bloggers have recommended. I spoke with an aesthetician and she said that vinegar should never be on your skin, as it will change the Ph balance. The biggest negative is how MESSY it is. For sure buy the mask kit, which makes it easier.



Anna Lotan Soothing Mask: This stuff is awesome! Its more for soothing than for deep cleaning, so I use this when I feel like I NEED MY SKIN TO LOOK BETTER ASAP. It is advertised also for using on a baby’s cradle cap.


Garnier SkinActive Pore Purifying 2-in-1 Clay Cleanser/Mask: This mask is great, because you can also just use it as a cleanser. I use this as my “deep cleaner” whenever I don’t feel like the mess that the Aztec Mud Mask makes. I also sometimes use it as a cleanser when I’m wanting a little more than my usual cleanser.


Dead Sea Mud Mask: I got this mask because I’ve heard a lot of good things from seborrheic dermatitis sufferers who praise the benefits of dead sea salt. This goopy green mask is very gentle, not too harsh. But it also doesn’t give you WOW results. It is a little bit clarifying, and a little bit soothing.┬áBut I included it for those of you who are hesitant to try a mask, worried that it will be juts a bit “too much” for your sensitive skin. This is a great first mask!