The BEST Tool for Dandruff You’ve NEVER Heard of!

Copper BrushA magic brush? Could it be true? Could a simple hair brush made out of an unusual material actually treat dandruff? Is there really an all-natural way to treat seborrheic dandruff?

I saw this while searching Amazon for new products that cure seborrheic dermatitis. Goody makes this copper brush that claims to kill 80% of the yeast that causes dandruff. I was skeptical but it had great reviews and was only around $10. So I ordered it!

So here’s the deal. I use it one to two times daily and saw a MAJOR improvement on my dandruff in just a week. MAJOR. I had actually ran out of dandruff shampoo so I thought I’d go crazy and try using solely this crazy copper brush. (And note that in the past going sans dandruff shampoo/sans any shampoo – I’ve tried it all – has only caused my dandruff to go absolutely bonkers.) I would genuinely say that the brush does more than dandruff shampoo.

The key is to make contact with your scalp more than actually brushing your hair. And you should do it for at least a few minutes at a time. I usually use it before I take a shower, just quickly running it over my scalp while the water warms up. (Do not use IN the shower.) I sometimes bring it with me to the couch while I’m sitting there watching my nightly shows. I will brush for ten minutes and my hair gets crazy. But let me tell you . . . it works!

Dandruff brush

Now I’m treating my scalp to dandruff shampoo twice a week and this magic copper brush as often as possible and seeing the best scalp I’ve seen in a decade. For real. Give it a try and tell me if it worked for you too!


Makeup for Seborrheic Dermatitis

Makeup for red flaky skin

Got skin drama? The first choice many of us turn to is makeup, right? Unfortunately, when you’ve got seborrheic dermatitis (major redness, oily skin and crazy-dramatic flakes), makeup sometimes makes it worse. With 20 years of seborrheic dermatitis AND makeup wearing experience, I’ve got a few tips. I can’t promise miracles, but try these suggestions for making the most of a scaly situation. (Contains affiliate links)

1. Flakes Be Gone: Makeup on top of flaky skin just does not work. Then you’ll just be wearing flakeup (get it?!).  Honestly, no makeup is better than weird beige-colored face dandruff. Gentle exfoliation can help prepare the skin. Now, if you over-irritate the skin it will end up red and oily. But try a konjac sponge, Clarisonic or a product with a very, very gentle scrubby quality. You can carefully pick off the worst of the worst flakes but don’t make things worse!

2. Pat Pat Pat: For all your moisturizers, serums and foundations . . . use a patting quality rather than a rubbing quality. The rubbing can create more flakes. Those little foam wedges work great for this, though they do soak up some product. Use a clean one every day please! Bacteria is like fuel for seborrheic dermatitis.

3. Prime Time: You need something to create a smooth layer over the skin, before the foundation. Try Maybeline Baby Face (about $4.50). I love it! Only use a tiny amount and smooth it on AFTER your moisturizer is dry, then wait until primer is dry before applying makeup. The Smashbox Photo Finish Primer is even more amazing, but costs a bit more ($16).

4. Go Green: Since green is opposite red on the color wheel, it helps tone down redness. So as weird as it seems, rubbing on green creams won’t make you look like an alien, but actually might make you look more human. A great affordable option ($10) is L’Oreal Paris Studio Secrets Anti-redness Color Correcting Primer, which is perfect for an all-over reduction of pink skin. But for a serious fight against glaring red patches, try something like Dermablend’s Redness Concealer. It’s amazing! If you ever find that a green product is just a little TOO green, try mixing it with your moisturizer, primer or foundation for a custom redness-reducing product.

5. Powder with Caution: Only use powder if you are having a flake-free day. It can make your skin look dry and dull. The exception to this rule would be mineral powders such as Bare Minerals, which are used in place of a foundation and can actually look pretty great on seborrheic dermatitis. I used Bare Minerals for YEARS and found that it not only looked good on my skin, but improved my skin’s condition!

6. Try, Try Again: It’s all about trial and error, my friends! I’ve tried dozens of foundations and I’m still looking for something that works. Right now I am loving ELF Foundation Serum.

What is your best makeup tip for seborrheic dermatitis?! Please share in the comments. Most of all, dig deep into your emotional reserves and exude beauty and confidence from within. Honestly, nobody is staring at your flaky nose if you’ve got a big smile, sparkly eye shadow, a dirty joke, a clever anecdote or an act of kindness. Sorry for the cheesiness, but I truly believe that while makeup is fun and can give you a nice boost of spirit, you can be beautiful without a trip to Sephora.